March 1, 2014

♡ february haul ♡

sooo... february is a short month. it was certainly reflective in my spending. i actually had not bought anything since january.. until literally a period of five days. in those five days, i ordered everything i listed. it occurred over three days initially and then two days later, tales of symphonia was released and i had to pick up my collector's edition (and preorder the next dangan ronpa game, conception ii and demon gaze).

so i figured i would share my spoils with every one considering i will not be buying anything else (lies) this month.

let's start!

♡ forever21 
pink bralette / pink wire usamimi

lazy oaf watermelon shorts / everland crop sweater
snow bunny fuzzy skirt / marseille rose lace skirt
white cut-out dress / moonstone hand piece

♡ urban outfitters 
lomography x tara mcpherson double rainbow diana mini +flash

♡ eb games (gamestop) 
~ video review here
tales of symphonia collector's edition

♡ ebay 
long golden blonde wig
plethora of items for leia

♡ etsy (the little pink kitten) 

babydoll lingerie belt / babydoll garters

♡ etsy (thebettersweater) 
white kitty necklace

♡ valentine's day gifts 
fuzzy pink cropped sweater / pink travel bottle
victoria's secret panties (x2) / macaron tea set
pastel pink + mint nail polish

whelp. i am incredibly broke and in debt. it's about three months until my local con and i'm scrambling to get my cosplays together. i kind of have a list of cosplays i'd like to do but everything is still up in the air. i'm also just addicted to shopping period and i honestly just had to impulse buy everything. what started with a failed midterm and an email from nastygal stating an item i've wanted has been restocked finally after an entire year... tumbled into a huge downward (upward???) spiral from there...

haahaa, oh god some one help ;-;

hope you're all enjoying your february month, my deerlings~

February 27, 2014

♡ tales of symphonia collector's edition unboxing ♡

so i just did an incredibly embarrassing thing, but i had fun and i wanted to share it with every one! i filmed my first video! i had originally planned to start filming hauls back in december, but due to lack of time and overall craziness, it all just fell through. however, when i picked up my tales of symphonia collector's edition, i though to myself, why not start my first video?

though i like to immerse myself primarily in fashion, a big interest of mine is anime and video games. though i know most of my readers may not necessarily be interested in this, i know i've posted before about video games and anime before on this blog, so it's not entirely outside my view for my own personal blog. so, hopefully you'll all give it a look regardless of whether or not you are interested or know anything about japanese roleplaying games or anime and i hope you'll enjoy it! it's my first video and i'm pretty uncomfortable with my voice, but i still had fun. i don't like videos of people sitting down and talking at a camera because i feel it can get boring so i went for the voice over approach with different angles and such. c:

please give me some feedback or if you know of any tips or tricks in terms of editing. ^^

and for any of those interested, just a quick ramble about this game itself!

this is an unboxing of the collector's edition of tales of symphonia chronicles for the ps3! tales of symphonia was not the first tales of game i've ever played (tales of destiny two/eternia was), but it was the first tales of game that i have ever completed on my own. it holds a lot of nostalgia and significance for me and is my second favourite tales of game after tales of the abyss. i new game plused symphonia on the game cube at least fifteen times with at least one hundred hours each playthrough (i do every side quest and like to overlevel my characters quite a bit). and every time i started a new file, i'd transfer affection over (it took about ten playthroughs to get colette out of my top three and that was with being super mean to hear with every skit and every gameplay choice). regardless, sheena was always my number one. genis was pretty up there because he's my bby.

would you believe i never went the kratos route? i couldn't reject spending time with sheena and zelossssssss~

i have so many feels about this game ohmygoodness.

i was the first to preorder the collector's edition where i live and i was just so excited to finally get my hands on it! the fact that you can also get a gailardia costume for lloyd and a luke fon fabre costume for genis literally makes my heart melt. it's like melting my top two tales of games together.

i'm going to play the english voices for the first game, partly for nostalgia but also because every tales of game has been dubbed perfectly in english. but i will be playing the second game with the japanese voices. i don't particularly want to hear the symphonia cast with new voices; i really do feel like it would distract me from really taking in dawn of the new world.

for those of you who played, without spoiling any one potentially;

who was you favourite female and male character? what was your favourite pairing? what was your favourite scene? and finally, what's your favourite tales of game, if it's not symphonia or dawn of the new world? c:

please let me know! i hope you all enjoyed and happy watching, my deerlings~ ♡

February 25, 2014

♡ sponsored review: spreepicky (IMAGE HEAVY) ♡

hello my deerlings! ♡ it's been a long while since i've updated! i apologize for this. i've been struggling with my responsibilities with university, dance and plethora of other factors. it's been difficult to put aside the time to really arrange to take photos and sit down and edit them and arrange them into a review or a haul post or what have you. so i am sorry about that! i'll try to slowly begin to get back into blogging, so i hope all of you lovelies are still here to follow me! c:

with that said, i have a super duper awesome haul and review for you guys!

spreepicky, much like many of the japanese fashion stores on storenvy, is a taobao reseller store. the main thing that sets them apart, however, is their huge, wide range of products for many different styles such as fairy kei, lolita, gyaru, hime gyaru, himekaji, street fashion, and more. another thing is that they offer free shipping worldwide. this, of course, is reflected in their prices, though they are cheaper than almost all of the storenvy stores in the similar style.

spreepicky contacted me on january eleventh to write a review for them based upon my interest in their store. i've separately ordered from them about six times before and they were very happy to send me some items. throughout the entire process, they were incredibly kind, responding to tumblr messaging and emails very quickly. they did not mind answering any of my questions or even offering other items when they had offered items i already had bought prior to their contacting me. they always responded within the hour or so depending on what time of the day it was. after incredibly pleasant exchanges, they sent out the parcel on january twenty first. once the package was shipped, i received it a little bit later than usual, though not by much, on january twenty ninth.

for more information about spreepicky and how it works as a taobao reseller, you can read my first spreepicky review here and my taobaospree review here .

the parcel~

everything in its packaging~

lil freebies!

honestly, i'm never disappointed with spreepicky. they're always incredibly friendly and super kind in regards to answering any questions you have about product availability, sizes, anything! they respond incredibly quickly and are accessible through many different forms of communication (facebook, tumblr, instagram, email). they're highly personable and even hand write a thank you note with each order saying something very sweet and friendly. and, if you've followed my blog for even a little while, you'll know that i LOVE when businesses include hand written notes as you feel less like a number and more like a real person. the people at spreepicky go above and beyond, especially when it comes to shipping as well. their free shipping will always arrive four to eight days on average.

i've ordered from them five separate times in the past. four out of the five packages arrived on my door step exactly five days after being shipped. one order arrived six days after being shipped and this sponsored order was received eight days after shipment (mainly due to the fact where i live is constantly getting hit with snow storms every other week).

so really, they're an incredible business made of kind people and AMAZING service.

♡ detailed review ♡

communication: ♥♥♥♥♥
price: ♥♥♥♥♥
shipping: ♥♥♥♥♥
overall: ♥♥♥♥♥

here are some detailed shots of the items~ this is incredibly image heavy so this will all be under the cut~

January 31, 2014

♡ collective new year / january haul ♡

hello my lovely deerlings~ today i wanted to share with you all my new years sales buys~ now i know it's a little late~ i've been so so slow with all of my blog posts since i've been so busy with holidays and a big snow storm and going back to school. :c but it's better late than never, right? and there are still some sales happening now, so i figure it's not too late~ ;p

let's start!

♡ anime sekai ♡
leia rolando + alvin from tales of xillia

♡ pinky paradise ♡

eos big flower pink + blue
eos new adult blue + green

♡ local record store ♡
'mbv' - my bloody valentine
'reflektor' - arcade fire

♡ storenvy ♡
fuzzy bunny heart hoodie

♡ bodyline ♡
pink maid outfit / pink silk scarf
brown school shoes / white mary janes

♡ ebay ♡
pink ps vita case / ninfia plushie

mall adventures ♡
ariana grande's cosmo issue / ariana grande's teen vogue issue
ice cream hello kitty plushie / ni no kuni walkthrough

goodness~ that was a little bit of a long post! heehee~ i hope you all enjoyed it, though~ i made a lot of purchases with all the sales happening and i'm so happy to receive and review them all for you~ i know it's a little late, i'm sawwy~ did any one else have successful new years buys? please let me know what lovely sales you took advantage of! ♡

ouu~ if you want reviews or extra photos and such for any of these items, let me know!

hope you all have a wonderful day, sweeties~

January 18, 2014

♡ sweet christmas haul ♡

so i know this is a little long overdue and it's nearing the end of january, but i have had these photos ready to go and be uploaded and i've just been too busy to edit! please forgive me, my darling deerlings~ i hope you are all had wonderful holidays with your loved ones and are at least smiling even if things weren't so cheery~ today i have my christmas haul for you all!

a quick disclaimer; i am not in any way bragging or anything that i have received. i am only sharing with you all the things i have received from my parents, brother, boyfriend and nutcracker secret santa! so please do not take anything in the wrong way. thank you~ 

if you would like, you can view my christmas wishlist here.

let's start~

♡ stocking from santa 

if you leave by daughter, the great gatsby, a whild sheep chase by haruki murakami

short white cardigan / cloudy crop top and skirt set / 
white lace shorts / pink kitty fashion tights / scarf loop hangers

pink bow flats / pretty pink nail polish / eos lip balm pack
strawberry shea butter and body wash / fluffy blankie

fuzzy pink house coat / fuzzy pink slippers / fuzzy white sockies
pink silk sleepy mask / victoria's secret pajama set

silicon baking sheet / cupcake memo pad

christmas goofy plushie / penguin plushie

** not pictured ; magic bag slippers / cinnamoroll gear shift cover

♡ under the tree from mommy and my brother 

cream knit pompom hat / white gloves / cream knit and chiffon scarf 
pretty beige boots / yumetenbo pink boots

long white v-neck cardi / pink guess sweater / cream lace chiffon dress
take a bow skirt in pink / sheer cream top

pink victoria's secret pj set / cupcake recipe tin

kveikur by sigur ros / the ocean at the end of the lane by neil gaiman
stickboy by shane koyczan / dance dance dance by haruki murakami
love actually 1Oth anniversary edition / peter pan return to neverland
time and eternity (ps3) / tales of legendia (ps2)

pretty pink winter coat

white princess canopy

** not pictured ; psvita~

from daddy 

make up~

snow fairy ballerina ornament / beige hat + scarf set / exotic hair pins
500 vegan recipes book / 500 cupcake recipes book

persona 4 golden (psvita) / harry potter behind the scenes calendar

from my muppet of a man 

tenth anniversary of transatlanticism by death cab for cutie
little figurine of daenerys (aka me) / white cat plushie

from nutcracker secret santa 

cat naps calendar / hello kitty ballerina precious moments
candy cane body wash / rose hand soap / be enchanted body wash
sterling silver heart earrings / pink lace hairbow / pink glitter ballerina ornament
nutcracker suite hand soap / dancing snowflake candle silhouette holder
silver heart charm bracelet / pink flower slippers

i found this gif and i actually think it's so cute! heehee.

please let me know what you all got for christmas! ^^ did you get what you asked for, did you get any surprises? please leave a comment below! if you have any questions on anything or would like to see additional photos of anything, i'll try my best to answer~